Computerless Packer Is New Fantasy Hoops Guru

If you’re like me, your basketball fantasy was not have to hear blowhard commentator Billy Packer calling the Final Four. Whether it was engaging in blatant homerism or ripping on St. Joe’s for no good reason other than to defend the purity of the major conferences, Packer was the one annoyance in an otherwise blissful few weeks of basketball.

Billy Packer looking at sign

So I greeted the news that Packer was being replaced by the bland but decent Clark Kellogg for the Final Four this year with nothing but bliss. But obviously Packer’s name and history means something, and he was certain to land a gig somewhere. And USA TODAY says that he has: a company called Fantasy Sports Ventures has hired him to be a lynchpin of their new fantasy basketball site.

Which seems like an odd choice. Not because Packer doesn’t have the basketball expertise or name. But because, as USA TODAY noted ahead of this past March Madness, Billy Packer doesn’t own a computer or cell phone.  But that was almost, what, nine months ago? I’m sure that he’s become an Internet whiz by now.

I don’t know, maybe he and John McCain went to the same class at the local senior center.

And it gets better. Packer’s co-host on the Fantasy Sports Ventures site? Bob Knight. So you’re combining two legendarily crusty and bitter basketball figures into one show, that involves some sort of “fantasy” version of basketball on the Internets? Let’s hope someone explains to them that they are just filming it for the Web, and that they actually aren’t going to be sucked through a series of tubes.