I’m Back In Columbus, Where Cooler Poop Prevails

Ten years later, I’m back in Columbus, getting ready for USC-Ohio State. For five years I broadcasted AAA Clippers games here, and co-hosted a daily sports talk show with Kirk Herbstreit on still current-Buckeye flagship WBNS.

Brooks in Columbus Wearing Beat USC T-Shirt

(Keeping T’s clean in Columbus … so far. Yeah, Royals hat ruins the effect)

The city has come alive since I left. Downtown has blown up with the newish arena entertainment district and the campus’ bar scene, which flatlined in the ’90s, is now at least somewhat-representative of a school OSU’s size. But flip on radio/TV and you’ll find out in five seconds people’s priorities haven’t changed.

Ohio Stadium

(Stealth drone prototypes or early stages of College Gameday construction?*)

Driving in from the airport, WTVN, the big AM talker in town, was airing an Ohio State football roundtable with Earle Bruce and two former OSU guys you never heard of. (What’s that? Who’s Earle?) Got into the hotel room and turned on local NBC 4, and the lead story on Thursday’s night newscast was, yep, Buckeyes v. Trojans.

Varsity Club At Ohio State

(THE Bar For THE Ohio State University)

Reminds of when I did the talkshow in Columbus with Kirk. We had to put a moratorium on Michigan talk except for the week of the game, ‘else we’d get calls about UM-OSU every single day.

When I worked in Columbus and later Los Angeles covering USC for then-Trojan flagship KMPC-AM, days like Thursday and today were what I loved most - when you had absolutely no new, legitimate news to report about the big game.

Know it's a big one when JV Gameday rolls into town!

(Know it’s a biggie when JV Gameday rolls into town!)

That’s when you would go to reporting the ridiculous, and in the case of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH Thursday night, the sublime.

The Dispatch reports that, with USC in town, local authorities are concerned about possible overcrowding in tailgate areas before the game. More specifically:

For those who arrive on campus early, will there be enough toilets?

Ohio State hopes so and says it has learned its lesson from big matchups such as the Texas game in 2005, in which cleanup crews found several soiled shorts and a few coolers filled with poop.

“You either deal with the problem up front, or you deal with it later when it’s ugly,” said Kelley-Snoke.

In the past four years, the university has doubled the number of portable toilets available on game days, she said. On Saturday, there will be more than 90 port-a-loos — about the same as last season.

But because officials anticipate large crowds, a contractor will clean them at midday, said Mike Penner assistant athletic director for event management. Ohio State has never done that before.

Okay, there’ll be 105,000 at the game and at least that many tailgating.

Saturday’s contigency plan is for … 90 port-a-loos?

Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job!

I’ll have more from Columbus on SbB today and tomorrow and 24/7 on my Twitter account.

* Neither. Jesse Owens Memorial.