Illegal Uniforms Cost HS Team Shot at State Title?

In a move that the NFL and its uniform police would be deeply proud of, the Illinois High School Association enforced a national rule on uniform designs and assessed a technical foul on North Lawndale High School before their game against Champaign Centennial High.

North Lawndale and their naughty uniform

Unfortunately, the game was the Class 3A semifinal.  The margin of victory turned out to be the one made technical foul shot by Champaign Centennial. And you thought your kids’ Little League uniforms were expensive.

The IHSA insists they have been warning North Lawndale about the uniform matter for two years (and two different offending uniforms) and finally pulled the trigger at the semifinal because they have more power at the state tourney level.

On the other hand, North Lawndale and its coach don’t exactly dispute the claims but seemed to believe they had temporary dispensation.  Still, they wore the same uniforms for today’s third-place game despite having legal uniforms back in Lawndale and got another technical called.

Also, one of their players allegedly cheated on a math test, but his mother sued the school to keep her son eligible for this tournament.