Huge Layoffs Hit Sports Reporting Across Nation

Reports of layoffs at Time, Inc. finally came to fruition as multiple SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writers found themselves marginalized or dismissed Friday, including bloggers and famed football writers alike. Forty positions must be eliminated in all by the end of the year.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to keep their crack team of tame swimsuit photo takers together to sustain the high standards of the magazine.

SI swimsuit issue

(At least some hard-hitting reporting will remain)

Since news misery loves company on a Friday afternoon, NEWSDAY and the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE also announced impending layoffs that will affects sports coverage from two of the best sports sections in the business.

NEWSDAY will lop off all their sports columnists as part of a five percent reduction across the board, laying off three and possibly shuffling the others into lower-ranking reporter/assistant editor positions. (By the way, the Dolans own NEWSDAY, so you can expect this decision was undertaken with the same level of business competence as they apply to the Knicks.)

In the Twin Cities, the STAR-TRIBUNE will hack off 25 newsroom employees (among other layoffs) and then browbeat the remaining employees to return roughly 10% of their salaries on average for 2009.   While no specific mention of sports jobs have been officially made yet, “certain scales and skill sets” will find themselves dusting off their journalism degrees for jobs in ad copy.

We’d welcome them all into the lucrative blogging world, but those days are over for now, too.  So please continue to enjoy your ESPN-fed sports landscape as they promise to be the only ones talking about sports shortly. We just hope Jay Glazer can hang on a little longer; otherwise, how will Mort know what’s happening in the NFL?