HS Football Game Interrupted By Airplane Crash

Across the country this weekend, high schools trotted out the latest iterations of their football teams in scrimmages for fans and family to watch before the seasons start. Usually, the only noteworthy things to happen at these scrimmages are brief glimpses of a new offense or a new quarterback or whatever.

Plane Crash
(Oh, that ain’t good.)

Not so at Harrison High School in Ohio, where the crowd at a scrimmage witnessed a small plane crash in a gravel field next to the field during the middle of the game.

Hang on, that bears repeating: A plane crashed next to a football field while a game was going on. Video of witnesses’ reactions, which is amazingly not them yelling “HOLY S**T” over and over, is after the jump.

Per CNN:

Spectators at a practice game at Harrison High School watched from the bleachers as the plane went down at 8:08 p.m. ET, said police officer Jennifer Coyle, who witnessed the incident.

Two people on the plane died at the crash scene, authorities said.

According to CNN affiliate WLWT, witnesses said the plane was heading toward the football field when it suddenly dropped, crashing in a gravel pit near the school.

“It looked like he was going straight for the boys on the field, but then just did a straight nosedive,” Mindy Brinson told WLWT.

God, that must have been an awful situation for the pilot. First they take off and something is immediately wrong. Then they see a football field and maybe start to think about trying to land there… until it becomes evident that said field just so happens to be populated by about 100 high school students at the time, which would have been an epic tragedy.

Not that it’s not sad already, of course.