HS FB Safety Blindsides Referee in Playoff Game

In a 5A Division I Region I final football game at Texas Stadium last week, No. 1 Euless Trinity was facing unranked Allen High for a spot in the state semifinals. Trinity was riding a 27-game winning streak, but the streak stopped there, as the Eagles put the defending champions away, 34-21.

Ref hit

But how? How did the Trojans lose? Well, maybe it was smart playcalling by Allen or good ball control. Maybe Trinity wasn’t strong enough in the trenches. Maybe. Or perhaps it was because the Trojans’ safety was too busy headhunting the referee to bother playing football. In a SPORTSBYBROOKS.COM EXCLUSIVE, irrefutable video evidence is after the jump.

Here’s another angle. Notice how obvious it was that the safety was aiming for the referee instead of paying any attention to the play. The flow of the play went the other direction, there was nobody to cover, the ref didn’t suddenly get in the player’s way, and the player made no effort to avoid him, instead driving his shoulder into the defenseless referee. Observe:

The karmatic value of the entire situation is rather enormous. While Euless Trinity was busy trying to exact revenge for a bad call or something, they end up A) giving up a giant run play right at the area vacated by the unsportsmanlike safety, and B) losing the game, which means C) their season is over.

So far, there hasn’t been one word from the Dallas-area media about that headhunting. It seems hard to believe that they somehow didn’t notice a football player streaking across the flow of the play to lay out an unsuspecting official. We can’t think of a single other reason to ignore one of the most unsportsmanlike acts in years.