Houston Police Assault Donald Driver’s Father?

You’ll have to excuse Packers WR Donald Driver if he decides to fly down to Houston instead of play¬†football this weekend. His father, Marvin Driver, is still hospitalized after being beaten into unconsciousness during an arrest over traffic tickets. Family members and a community activist allege that Marvin was in “perfect condition” when the officers arrived, but sometime after that, while in police custody, the 56-year-old man was beaten so severely that he was admitted to a local hospital in critical condition and listed as “unresponsive.”

Donald Driver Packers Charity Softball Event
(We really do not recommend putting a bat anywhere near Donald Driver and the police officers right now.)

There are no pleasant details about the incident; there never are. But as the HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports, the circumstances surrounding this alleged assault paint the officers involved in a particularly unsavory light:

Marvin Driver was in the driveway of his mother’s residence in the 8300 block of Gibbons early Monday, when he was approached by a Houston police officer, said family spokesman Quanell X.

“He said, ‘You’re Donald Driver’s father. I went to school with that (expletive),’ ” said the activist.

That’s when Winston Driver said he heard the exchange and stepped outside the home.

“He was told to get his (expletive) behind back in the house,” said Quanell X.

It’s worth noting that we’ve only heard from the alleged victim’s side of the story. Nobody seems to have witnessed the beating itself, save the parties directly involved, so it’ll be hard for Internal Affairs to get an unbiased account of what transpired. Still, the Houston Police Department should start stocking up on K-Y jelly, because in all likelihood, there is a mammoth civil suit being aimed straight at their posteriors as we speak.

Oh, and as for Marvin Driver himself, Quanell X said that he is “improving” and that he “cried while writing notes about his experience.” So he’s at least with it enough to write. It’s a grim story when the best thing you can say about someone is that he’s not dead, but this is how it is.

Man. Pay your parking tickets, Houston. Seriously.