Horry Kow! Cringeworthy Cubs Shirts Still For Sale

Earlier we told you how some bigoted businesses were hocking horrendous ‘Horry Kow!’ t-shirts outside Wrigley Field. Well, despite the disapproval of Kosuke Fukudome & Cubs management, shirt sales are as brisk as ever. (Or should that be ‘blisk’?)

Horry Kow Cubs shirt

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE catches up with the cotton-fueled controversy. Since last month, the Cubs have been able to get the shirt’s manufacturer to stop making the disturbing duds, while getting vendors who sell official Major League Baseball merchandise to quit selling the ‘Kow’ clothes.

Still, that hasn’t vexed individual street vendors from offering the offensive wares:

“My personal viewpoint is they’re not blatantly racist,” said John Weier, a vendor selling the “Horry Kow” T-shirts outside of the Cubby Bear Lounge at the corner of Addison and Clark Streets. “It’s a novelty T-shirt. We’re not trying to hurt or offend anyone.”

But what about Kosuke’s feelings?

Weier knows Fukudome does not like the T-shirts but said he has no qualms about selling them to fans, saying he was “trying to make a living.”

He does have a point - if there are plenty of Cubs consumers still willing to shell out for the shirts, why stop selling? Who cares about racial sensitivity when there’s a profit to be had?

If the Cubs can sell alternate jerseys, why not make alternate Horry Kow shirts that features the bear with big buck teeth? And to complete the embarrassing ensemble, why not add on the back an image of a player dropping a fly ball, with the caption “Me so solly!