Hope Iverson’s Sick 4-Year-Old Likes Her Henny

While on leave from the Philadelphia 76ers to reportedly attend to his sick 4-year-old daughter Messiah, Allen Iverson spent the weekend away from home in Charlotte.

Allen Iverson partying in Charlotte with Jermaine Dupri

Iverson was at the CIAA weekend, and spent Saturday night partying at Club 935 in Charlotte with rap mogul Jermaine Dupri. (Yes, Iverson was there.)

One of many Tweets noting his appearance:

Allen Iverson at the club

The premise for Iverson to be in town was the creation of the CIAA Allen Iverson Scholarship Endowment.

Meanwhile, Phil Jasner of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports today:

He wasn’t in the gym yesterday when the 76ers resumed practice after their West Coast swing. No one could say definitively whether he would be in the gym again. But Allen Iverson, in his own way, remained a presence.

The Sixers continue to say he is out indefinitely as he copes with the illness of his youngest child, Messiah, 4, who, by all accounts, continues to battle a problem that has yet to be specifically diagnosed.

A source familiar with the situations of the Sixers and Iverson said that Iverson’s presence in Charlotte was not a factor in terms of whether he will return to play. It is likely that a decision on his availability for the remaining 23 games after tonight will be made later in the week.

Martin Frank at DelawareOnline.com notes today:

The Sixers could release Allen Iverson by Monday in order for him to sign with another team and become eligible for the playoffs. That doesn’t seem likely, however, based on comments from Ed Stefanski and Eddie Jordan. Iverson is on leave to care for his 4-year-old daughter, who has an undiagnosed illness. Iverson most likely won’t play for the Sixers again, but he also most likely won’t play for anyone else, either.

Would it be such a horrible thing if Iverson slipped into a Charlotte club Saturday night for a Henny or three on the DL? Probably not.

But allowing his image to be used in a promotional poster for the nightclub event? Not a good look and probably something that won’t endear him to NBA general managers this offseason.