Hoge Still Hates Vince Young, Calls QB A “Baby”

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Vince Young, what with his puzzling disappearance & suicide rumors & whatnot. So you’d think the Titans QB could be cut a little slack.

Vince Young Merrill Hoge

But don’t try selling such sob stories to Merrill Hoge, ’cause he’s not buying. The ESPN NFL analyst had already previously expressed his exacerbation over VY - what would his reaction be to this latest turn of events?

Even two years before VY went crazy go nuts, Hoge was already lambasting the QB. But as ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky discovers, Merrill still continues to viciously vent about Vince.

Hoge was recently on Pittsburgh’s WDVE radio to share his thoughts on Young’s situation, and he was as supportive as you would expect. As Merrill remarked:

“He’s a baby. He’s a soft baby.”

Hoge also added that Young has always been like that, even when Vince was being recruited by schools like Oklahoma:

“You would sit down to talk with him, and he was the most immature crybaby they ever met. And he was soft, and he wasn’t tough.”

Hoge further shared a few unflattering tidbits about the Tennessee signal-caller. Although he only lives 3 miles away, Vince would always take a limo to & from practice. And when Vince went down in Week 1, the feeling from some of the defensive players was, according to Hoge, “We now have a chance to win this game and be a better team.”

Guess Vince & Merill won’t be trading Christmas cards - again.

Full audio of Hoge’s interview can be heard here.