Junior Hockey Shock: Three-Way Underage Sex?!

The TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL is closely covering the sexploitation trial of former Canadian junior hockey scumbag coach/agent David Frost. Frost is currently in a small-town Ontario court facingĀ  “four sexual-exploitation offences, two of sexually touching the two players himself, directly or indirectly, and two of inviting or inciting the young women to sexual touching.

Mike Danton David Frost

This is the same Frost who once presided over the career of former St. Louis Blues prospect Mike Danton, who became so distraught with Frost’s treatment that he planned Frost’s murder - and is now serving 7+ years in prison for the offense.

The details of the current accusations against Frost are almost beyond belief. The first bombshell came this week from the prosecutor, and her accusation of “three-way sex” involving Frost and his “then-young charges.


The occasion came yesterday in this small Eastern Ontario city at Mr. Frost’s sexual-exploitation trial, when prosecutor Melanie Adams bluntly told the court that Mr. Frost had perverted the trust of his then-young charges to have “three-way sex, two-on-one sex with two of his players and their underage girlfriends.

But the litany of abuse by Frost doesn’t end there. Consider his disgraceful treatment of a junior hockey players as a *coach* in ‘02:

Mr. Frost allegedly kicked out a young player from the motel apartment they shared and left him weeping and wearing only his underwear, in the hall, telling him he should “go home and suck on your mommy’s t–.” He allegedly asked another, who was cut during a game, if he was hurt and when the player said no, whacked him with a stick and said, “Now that’s a hurt!”, and allegedly stood a third up, put a garbage can over his head, smacked it with a stick and told him that if he played like garbage, he might as well look like garbage.

How does a completely unqualified douchenozzle get entrusted with the fate of junior hockey teams - and the careers of NHL prospects? Sheer unadulterated salesmanship and flattery. Frost had zero qualifications as a coach and/or agent, yet he was handed the sacred task of guiding the precious lives of committed, hard-working young hockey players as they aspired to the dream of the NHL.

And he used that ultimate trust to ravage the oft-underage players sexually and psychologically. If anyone deserves PMIA prison, it’s Frost.

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