Head of Tiger Charity Hasn’t Heard From Simmons

Two days ago, rap music mogul Russell Simmons Tweeted this:

Russell Simmons Tiger Woods Relief Tweet

Wednesday night Simmons told the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, “Tiger Woods is working on sending a mobile hospital with 50 EMTs to go set up a triage.

Yesterday Simmons’ spokesman Marcus Harris added to the NYDN, “I am waiting to have the conversation [with Tiger] tomorrow morning. I am hopeful that it is a yes.

This afternoon from the ASSOCIATED PRESS:

Greg McLaughlin, president of the Tiger Woods Foundation, said Friday he has not received any information from rap mogul Russell Simmons, who has said on Twitter that Woods is providing $3 million to help with the recovery.

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Thankfully, McLaughlin did indicate that Woods is considering contributing to Haitian disaster relief:

“Our plan is be part of the relief effort to help rebuild Haiti by supporting organizations that provide critical resources to young people, which is consistent with our mission and previous efforts regarding Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 tsunami.”

More specifically, the AP noted Woods’ foundation gave $100,000 to tsunami relief efforts in 2004 and it contributed $200,000 to aid in the Hurricane Katrina recovery.