Hard Knocks Goes From Contact To Water Sports

Past couple years, thanks to his myriad of amusing endorsements, Carson Palmer has been a gift that keeps giving for guys like me. And now it gives me great pleasure to report that his brother, backup Bengals QB Jordan Palmer, is ready to relieve his brother in scaring up his own unintentional comedy goldmine.

Jordan Palmer's RunPee iPhone app

(Jordan upholding family tradition of providing comedy endorsement gold)

On HBO’s “Hard Knocks” last night, Jordan promoted an iPhone app he helped develop called RunPee. The app is designed to pinpoint the most opportune times to bleed the goose relieve yourself during a movie. Costing $1.99, RunPee denotes the elapsed time of when to go, replete with dialogue cues - and even comes with a timer. (Uh, like that really matters?)

Dan Florio is the name of the main developer of the app. He describes Jordan’s role at RunPee.com:

Jordan Palmer is part of the RockSoftware team that develops the mobile apps. He called me up one day, back in June, to talk about marketing and stuff. Cool guy, nice conversation. In the back of my mind I kept thinking, “An NFL quarterback called ME!” Still sort of strange this new world I live in.

HBO’s Hard Knocks is covering the Bengals’ camp this season. Carson and Jordan were interviewed wearing RunPee T-shirts. How wild is that? :)

With RunPee the next great iPhone app of our time, let’s all say a little prayer that Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis keeps Jordan on the team this season instead of snuffing out what could otherwise be a joy-filled four months in the Queen City.

RunPee is also far from being the only app Jordan has helped bring to market. The ASSOCIATED PRESS revealed the other side of his biz recently, which entails getting fans to pay for an app that will “connect” them to their favorite athletes … like Mark Sanchez and Chad Ochocinco.

Bengals backup quarterback Jordan Palmer spent the offseason working on a business venture with two California friends. Their company develops individualized iPhone applications for athletes, allowing them to connect with fans on the go. They rolled out one for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and expect to have Ochocinco’s app approved by Apple and launched before the season starts.

The biz model is a little dubious. Apparently the app makes easier fans accessing athletes’ social networking accounts and personal information made available for the paying public. Ochocinco’s app, when finished, will supposedly be priced at between $3-5. Sanchez’s is up and running for $1.

Can’t imagine someone paying to “connect” to Sanchez’s social networking accounts. But a RunPee app for NFL games narrated by legendary sideline bladder-buster Joe Namath, sign me up Jordy!