Free Beer For Life To Austrian Who Scores Goal

If Austria understands anything during this Euro 2008 tournament, it’s the power of alcohol. Earlier, we wrote how a bar in Salzburg would be offering free drinks every time a player gets a red card.

Austrian soccer fan beer

Now a Vienna brewery is taking the appeal of free booze one step fauther - by offering a lifetime supply to any Austrian player who can score a goal.

REUTERS reports that Ottakringer Brauerei AG made the offer in the hopes of helping their national team get on the scoreboard, if not in the win column. The brewery’s president added that he would personally deliver the first year’s supply.

But hitting nothing but net is easier said than done for the 92nd-ranked Austrians. They already blew their first chance with a 1-0 loss to Croatia on Sunday, with their next opportunities coming against Poland on Thursday, then Germany on Monday.

Something tells us there’s gonna be a lot less passing and more shots on goal in Austria’s next game.

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