Frank Caliendo Is Sorry You Have To Watch Him

I’ve found quite a few things to be annoying about TBS’ coverage of the Divisional Series this season.   Whether it’s having to listen to Dick Stockton butcher names and words constantly, having to deal with Cal Ripken Jr. in the studio show, or hearing that god awful Bon Jovi song over and over (Which town!?  Grow some balls and commit, old man!).   Still, there is one man that has been more annoying than all of them.

It seems as though during every commercial break viewers are subjected to a promo for Frank TV.   TBS must show a commercial for the show at least 20 times during a game, and to be honest, it’s driving me crazy.   Sure, it’s better than having to see Dane Cook all the time, but that doesn’t exactly make it tolerable.   Frankly, I think Frank Caliendo owes us all an apology.   Wait, what?


Very Funnyman Frank Caliendo says yes, dammit, he knows he hasn’t endeared himself to the baseball-watching crowd on TBS!

“I say to those people, ‘I’m sorry, but watch the show and maybe TBS wouldn’t have to promote it as much,’ ” said the impressionist, whose sketch-comedy show’s second season - with an expanded cast - premieres Oct. 21.

“I think I’m on TBS as much as ‘Law & Order’ is on TNT,” Caliendo told the Track yesterday morning as he chowed on scrambled eggs, bacon, wheat and white toast and Diet Coke at a Back Bay hotel.

I have an idea to get people to start watching your show, Frank.  Have it be funny.

Of course, for those of you who were hoping that the end of TBS’s coverage would by the end of the Frank TV onslaught, I have some bad news for you.   Caliendo is also doing some ads for MLB’s “There’s Only One October” campaign that will be aired on Fox during the World Series.

Which means that maybe it’s time we started turning our attention to football, hockey, and basketball.   For the sake of our sanity.