Fox News: Elin, Tiger ‘Planning Move To Sweden’

Last night I predicted that Elin Nordegren would move back to Sweden this week, accompanied by her prominent politician mother Barbro Holmbeg and practicing attorney sister Josefin. Today Hollie McKay of FOX NEWS sources a report that Nordegren and Tiger Woods are planning to move to Sweden: “The insider says the couple is planning to leave the country ‘very soon.’”

Elin Nordegren Buys Home In Sweden

(Fox News reports on ‘private island’ home - Elin bought one 2 weeks ago!)

In my prediction about Elin moving to Sweden, I also noted the house that she closed on with her sister two weeks ago. Fox News concurred in its sourced report.

“Elin and Tiger are planning to temporarily move closer to Sweden, possibly to a private island, to get away from it all,” the insider said.

The house Elin and Josefin purchased is on a private island, accessible only by ferry.

As I wrote last night, I don’t think Barbro and Josefin will return to Sweden without Elin. I also noted that the move, designed to escape media coverage, may also be spun as a retreat merely “for the holidays.”

So why would Woods go with Elin? McKay reports, “Elin’s family couldn’t be more devastated. But they want [Tiger and Elin] together for the kids’ sake.

Perhaps the family also thinks it would be very difficult to get the children to Sweden without Woods’ consent.