Former Tennis Prodigy — Not Anna — Now A Nun

Those of you who watched tennis when watching tennis was cool will probably remember Andrea Jaeger, a young star from the early 1980s who rose as high as No. 2 in the world by the time she was 16.

Andrea Jaeger

And now? She’s a nun.

“In a moving interview, the former tennis prodigy explains how her new life in the Episcopalian Church has helped reconcile a past that left her deeply troubled.

Pushed by her father, Andrea lost her childhood and struggled with the ruthlessness of the professional circuit. …

‘My parents didn’t go to church. We didn’t have a Bible in the house but, for whatever reason, I feel God gave me a gift of faith. I always said my prayers when I was little. No one told me to. I didn’t learn in school or from TV. I just knew that God existed and that we were friends and had a personal relationship. None of my family knew I prayed every day of my life.’”

That was just a small section from a lengthy Sunday story in THE MAIL. Fascinating stuff, and yet another tale of overzealous parents pushing kids. Some turn to a life of giving back. And some become Todd Marinovich.