Former Pitt Star’s NBA Career Screwed by Screw?

Sam Young, the former Pittsburgh Panthers basketball star who isn’t DeJuan Blair, is getting ready for the June 25 NBA Draft. In preparation for his possible picking, Sam has been trying out with different teams.

Sam Young Pitt

One of those teams was the Toronto Raptors. While working out with the Canadian club last weekend (man, I could sure go for some Canadian Club right now), Young was trying to see how high he could get. No, he wasn’t hanging with Corie Blount - Sam was testing his vertical leap.

You would think jumping up wouldn’t be so dangerous, but it turned out to be a painful experience for Young - not for his feet, but his arm, thanks to a wayward screw.


He twisted his body as he leapt, and a screw on the vertical-leap pole pierced his arm. Rather than risk tearing any muscle, the Raptors personnel removed the screw from the pole, left it in Young’s arm and took him to the hospital to have it dislodged.

Owie. So Sam got to travel around with a screw sticking out of his arm. Bet that was fun. But he was just following doctors’ orders:

“They didn’t want to rip the screw out of his arm,” said Young’s agent, Lance Young (no relation). “They said to make sure he takes his antibiotics for infection.

“Lance Young said the injury didn’t require any stitches and currently is protected by a small butterfly bandage and medical tape. Young was told to avoid overexerting the arm for about a week.

Of course being an agent, Lance could just be spouting off some phony good news, hoping that the “freak accident” doesn’t hurt his client’s value come Draft day.

If anything, Sam’s screwy injury just proves that time-tested saying: “Look before you leap.”