Former Patriot Kenyatta Jones Might Need Flomax

Keith Niebuhr of the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports this morning that former New England Patriot starter and current Arena Football League player Kenyatta Jones is in trouble, again.

Kenyatta Jones

Previously, Jones has been charged with scalding a roommate with hot water, possession of a concealed firearm and resisting arrest. But based on a Tampa police report at 3:30 this morning, it appears be may have topped (off) those past charges.


The incident happened around 3:30 a.m. outside a bar at International Plaza, according to Tampa police spokeswoman Janelle McGregor.

Jones was standing on the dance floor at the Blue Martini nightclub when he attempted to urinate on the dance floor,” McGregor said.

Sadly, it appears the public urination thing didn’t actually happen (or did it?). Instead, Jones was officially charged with “battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction and trespassing.”

Obstruction and trespassing? Sounds like the reasons offensive lineman Jones might not be in the NFL anymore. And perhaps, that little matter of throwing scalding water on a teammate.