For $1280, Colts Fan Gets Pair of Worthless Seats

How’s that old saw go — measure twice, cut once? The Indianapolis Colts apparently overlooked the basics in constructing their new stadium. Although most fans are raving about the facility and the views of the city from the inside, some fans have to deal with that pesky little problem of not being able to see the game.


One of them, Paul Carnes, Indianapolis, paid $1,280 for two season tickets, not including playoffs. His view is obscured by a hand rail that runs the length of the field.

Standing isn’t an option, he said, because fans behind him get mad. Worse, people emerging from a nearby ramp often obscure the whole field.

“This is terrible,” Carnes said. “I hate it.”

A movie theater couldn’t get away with this kind of nonsense, but the Colts and their design firm have readied a defense. Team Vice President Pete Ward tells the STAR those seats aren’t really an obstructed view.

Bryan Trubey, design principal with HKS Sports & Entertainment, the architects for Lucas Oil Stadium, said it’s common for new stadiums to have the issues Carnes is experiencing.

“You simply can’t sit in every single seat in a venue before the first game,” Trubey said.

Might want to reconsider changing your company’s views on that in light of Mr. Carnes’ dilemma, no?