Football Pinky Amputation No Longer a Shocker

Mesa State College senior Trevor Wikre chose pinky finger amputation over a six month recovery so he could continue to play football this season.  While the drastic move stumps most, the one person for whom the finger removal will certainly not prove to be a shocker is Wikre’s girlfriend.

Ronnie Lott amputates pinky

NBC 11 News in Grand Junction, CO reports:

“Wikre suffered a compound dislocation of his right pinky finger in the Mavs win over Fort Lewis last Saturday and was sent to the hospital for immediate medical attention. When doctors told Wikre that he would be sidelined for the remainder of the season he was devastated.”

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“His doctors told him that they would have to operate and insert pins into the finger to help the bone and joint heal correctly. But that wasn’t an option for the Mavs offensive lineman. He told doctors to amputate the finger so he could continue his football career on the field and not on the sidelines.”

The decision of Wikre, an offensive lineman for the Mavericks, reminds many of Ronnie Lott’s choice to have part of his pinky amputated in 1985, with several small exceptions.

  • Lott played for the 49ers, not a Division II college team
  • Lott was being paid, not playing for a partial scholarship
  • Lott’s team was in the playoffs fighting for a Super Bowl berth, not at the beginning of their season

Therese Andersson

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