Floyd Mayweather Sr Wins Douchebag of the Week Award

$500,000 isn’t enough to buy Floyd Mayweather Sr’s loyalty to his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr, so don’t insult his integrity by asking.

Senior, the erstwhile trainer of Oscar de la Hoya, was offered $500,000 to work the corner against his estranged son in May. An additional $500K was on the table if de la Hoya won the fight.

“My son and I, no matter what’s gone down between us, he’s still my blood,” said Mayweather.

But since blood is thicker than water but not a bank account of money, Mayweather added, “But if you want me to tell you how to beat my son — and I’m the only one who can tell Oscar how to do that — then you need to pay me.”

$2 million, to be exact.

After laughing hysterically, the de la Hoya camp gave Mayweather the Heisman and walked away from the deal.