Fiancee Claims Chris Henry ‘Jumped’ From Truck

Chris Henry’s former fiancee Loleini Tonga in an interview aired today on ESPN-TV said that Henry never threatened suicide from the back of the truck she was driving and that he jumped off the truck of his own volition.

Chris Henry's House Tire Tracks In Front Yard

Tonga to ESPN’s John Barr:

He jumped from the back of the car. I was trying to drive slow because I knew he was in the back of the truck. I was going to stop but there’s no where to stop on that road.

I think maybe he thought he was going to land right. I wasn’t going fast. As far as saying killing himself no, he had too much to live for. Maybe he (jumped because he) was scared because he saw me calling the police, I wasnt going fast. He had so much going for him. Everything was going really good.

Henry ultimately came out of the back of the truck, falling to his death.

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Barr also reports that Tonga told him she immediately rushed to his side and when she saw Henry after he came out of the truck, he didn’t see any visible injuries. She was taken to Charlotte police headquarters and questioned for “eight hours.


“She does not have an attorney. She does not think she needed one.”

Tonga neighbor Lee Hardy told police and the media immediately after the incident that Henry had said he was going to kill himself if she didn’t stop the truck. He apparently reiterated that to Barr recently.

Tonga also told Barr she was due to be interviewed by the Charlotte police again later today. With that in mind, why would she interview with ESPN first?

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