Favre, Honey, Do You Have Any Hobbies, Maybe?

FavreWatch 2008 continues this week with word from Peter King, WTMJ-TV, and Viewers Like You. We dive unafraid into all-too-familiar waters:

The story of yesterday’s news arc revolved around Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson allegedly ignoring the Great and Powerful Favre and his agent. WTMJ reports Favre’s text messages have been sloughed off by Thompson and Peter King tells SI readers that Favre’s agent can’t seem to get Thompson to pick up his phone.

Brett Favre and Laura Bush

(Just a reminder: Brett Favre is a saint)

However, good news! King also notes an intermediary has been sent to Mississippi to meet with Favre. Not since Warren Zevon honored the envoy has an intermediary been so important to Western civilization. And who could it be? (”Go long, Donald Driver… no, longer… longer… now get on the plane…”)

All of the intrigue comes from Favre’s ability to unretire, forcing the Packers to cut him or keep him (at $12m). We don’t know how Favre continues to hold the upper hand; we imagine it’s all the throwing that keeps it strong.

Our only regret on this story thus far is that Ron Wolf is no longer in charge in Green Bay; we were up for a “The Favre That Cried ‘Wolf’” pun today.

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