Fake Facebook Chase Daniel Irritates The Real One

Who is this mysterious fake Chase Daniel? The real one — formerly the quarterback for the Missouri Tigers, currently with the Washington Redskins — is royally peeved that someone has apparently put up a Facebook page using his name. And Daniel, the real one, is not a person to let a social networking insult slide. Oh, no.

Daniel has gone out of his in interviews to emphasize that he doesn’t use his real name on his Facebook page — of which only a few people know the url. But lately, he says, someone has been Facebooking using his name. So Daniel took to Twitter to ask people to get the word out that this Facebook Chase Daniel is a cad and an imposter.

What was written on the fake Daniel page is unknown, but it must have been pretty bad, because the real Daniel Tweeted these on Tuesday:

I’ve tried contacting Facebook but no luck at all…whatever these fakes say in no way represent my beliefs, morals, or actions 8:43 PM Aug 16th from Twitterrific 

Will someone PLEASE write an article or blog 2 let it be known that “Chase Daniel” on facebook is absolutely not me!! 8:40 PM Aug 16th from Twitterrific

Although I don’t think I found the fake Facebook Daniel in question, I did find this guy. Another football-playing Chase Daniel with a Facebook page? Just who is he, and if he’s a wide receiver can he report to Raiders training camp immediately? And of course there’s Chase Daniel the safety for the Alabama-Birmingham Blazers. But as far as I know he doesn’t have a Facebook account.

Then I found this during a Google image search, which could be the abandoned fake Chase Daniel site in question. Look, all know is that I tried to establish a Twitter account over the weekend, and my name was taken. So if you get a Tweet from Rick Chandler telling you to f*** off, it wasn’t me.

Unlike me, Daniel takes his social networking seriously. He is always on the lookout for “doubters” he can chastise via the Internet, and recently was involved in a “Twitter fight” with WJFK radio host Chad Dukes, which got pretty heated.

Ha, “Twitter fight.” What a century!