Finally: Tony Mandarich Admits Steroid, Drug Use

There were high expectations with Tony Mandarich, when the Green Bay Packers selected the monstrous Michigan State lineman with the #2 pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. But as we all know, the “Incredible Bulk” soon became the incredible dud, and he was soon cut after three seasons. Even a brief revival with the Colts didn’t work, and Mandarich was out of football by 1998.

Tony Mandarich rookie card

(Mandarich also faked NCAA urine test before ‘88 Rose Bowl)

But Tony finally comes clean as to why his pro football experience failed so fantastically - steroids, alcohol & painkillers.

Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL gives us a sneak preview of Tony’s upcoming appearance on Wednesday’s “Inside the NFL” on Showtime (check local listings). In this very special episode, Mandarich sits down with Armen Keteiyan and explains why his Packers career petered out:

Mandarich: There’s other factors that were involved that nobody knows about that were way more of an effect on why I had the huge downfall in Green Bay than steroids (such as) drug and alcohol abuse…I was injecting a drug called staydal…and it was euphoric. I went from doing one injection on that one day, and a week later I was doing between 5-7 shots-a-day for the next three years.

Keteyian: You went into Green Bay essentially a drug addict?

Mandarich: Mmm hmm, not the same, not the same person they drafted…I got to the point where it was a struggle to workout three or four times-a-week because the priority of getting high was above the priority of working out.

Tony also brings up the valuable education he received while in college. For example, he learned how to fake a drug test right before his Spartans played in the Rose Bowl:

Mandarich: I can’t speak for other players. I can only speak for myself because I am the only one that witnessed what I did. But yeah, there is validity to that.

Keteyian: So in essence a fake urine (sample) was supplied to the NCAA during the course of a bowl game, the Rose Bowl game, by you?

Mandarich: That is correct. You got to improvise. You got to improvise.

It takes courage for Tony to admit to taking such terrible actions that tarnished a once promising gridiron career.  And we’re sure it has nothing to with the new book he has coming out next March, entitled “My Dirty Little Secrets - Steroids, Alcohol & God - The Tony Mandarich Story”.

Despite joining the literary ranks, Mandarich doesn’t think to highly of fellow athletic author Jose Canseco, especially the way the steroid slugger named names:

“I don’t think that you should benefit off other people’s short-comings. In my opinion, Jose Canseco is an (expletive) for what he did, the way he did it. I mean that’s chicken (expletive).”

Hopefully Tony did his own photography for his book’s pictures.