Ex-Buckeye Football Player Sent Emails To Tressel

A source within the athletic administration at Ohio State confirmed to me today that former Buckeye football player Chris Cicero was the individual who sent emails to Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel in 2010 that tipped the coach off to activities by past and present Buckeye football players that constituted NCAA violations.

Chris Cicero: Former Buckeye sent emails to Tressel

(Cicero with Eddie George. Click here to read his emails to Tressel)

For not reporting to Ohio State officials the nature of Cicero’s emails, the school yesterday announced Tressel was suspended from coaching the first two games of the 2011 football season and fined $250,000. Tressel’s indiscretion could also lead to further penalties pending a current NCAA investigation.

Cicero, now a criminal defense attorney, lettered as a member of the Ohio State football team in 1983 under head coach Earle Bruce.

1983 was also the year Tressel first joined the Ohio State coaching staff as an assistant coach.

Ohio State redacted Cicero’s name on the emails to protect his identity, but state law does not allow for the university to withhold any content contained in the documents.

In the past, Cicero has represented multiple Ohio State Buckeye football players in legal matters, including former Buckeye defensive lineman Matt Finkes in 1996.

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