ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown’s Bikini Pics: Bangin’

UPDATE: I’ve been informed via email that the bikini photos in this post about ESPN reporter Jenn Brown were actually published on a website for STARE MAGAZINE.

You can see all of the photos I previously posted here plus many, many more of the ESPN reporter by going to this link for STARE MAGAZINE.

The shots are beautifully done by the highly-professional folks at STARE MAGAZINE.

Somebody at ESPN obviously likes TV reporter Jenn Brown a lot. In the past few months, she’s gone from anonymity to being regularly assigned plum, on location college football and basketball interview ops.

Most of her pieces are myth-building fill, but I do detect some talent beneath the quasi-cheerleader stuff Bristol has her doing.

Jenn Brown’s new look …

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She’s got a smooth, smokey delivery. As she gets more reps she’ll start to develop more of her own style.

Speaking of style, Brown’s changed her hair since the football season. She’s now wearing bangs.

I actually prefer her previous look, but she’s a beautiful lady regardless.

Hopefully Brown won’t get typecast as a piece puffer and we’ll get to see more of her in other situations. I know she’s worked at other television outlets, but ESPN is where 99% of people will see Brown so long as she’s in sports.