Erin Andrews Less Than Dazzled Being On YouTube, Thinks Its Kind Of Gross

ERIN ANDREWS - BEING ON YOUTUBE IS “KIND OF GROSS“: CSTV recently cornered interviewed Erin Andrews about her days as a member of the University of Florida dance team called the Dazzlers.

Erin Andrews CSTV Dazzlers

The extreme close-upped Andrews’ most notable reaction to the line of questioning was her queasiness about video from one of her collegiate dance performances being posted on YouTube.

Erin Andrews Dazzlers

Andrews: “It’s now on YouTube, unfortunately. Which is kind of gross.

I kind of wondered what was going on with that hair style and the lipstick with the lipliner, but hey, everybody’s got those pictures from back in the day, right?”

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Actually, I don’t have any lipliner college photos. I suppose they do that sort of thing at the University of Florida, but as an alumnus of the University of Georgia, I wouldn’t know.