Er, Cubs Do Allow 104-Year-Old Fan The First Pitch

Nice story here from the Northsiders. After initially dashing Leo Hildebrand’s hopes to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a game, the Cubs relented. Hildebrand, who is old enough to remember much worse economic conditions than these and the Cubs’ last World Series title, threw out the first pitch yesterday. It also ended up being the same day the Cubs clinched a playoff berth. Good decision there, Cubbies.

The Jay Mariotti-less SUN TIMES reports: Hildebrand, seated in a wheelchair before the game, had player after player shake his hand and sign a baseball, some promising at one point to “get it done today” — the clinching of a second straight National League Central title.

Hildebrand then thanked all the whippersnappers and waved his cane at those dark skateboarding kids. No, not really. The Cubs had invited him onto the field under the premise of a “Fan Appreciation Day” and then surprised him by inviting him to throw the first pitch. Nice touch.

Be sure to check out the SUN TIMES link, there are some nice photos of Hildebrand’s big day.