English Fans Banned from Borat Impersonations

It’s shocking because European soccer has shown itself to be nothing but a bastion of cultural sensitivity, but London police have felt it necessary to explicitly ban the Borat mankini (h/t: UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL) from Wembley Stadium during the England-Kazakhstan World Cup qualifier today.

Borat swimsuit

We just didn’t see a European power showing such crudeness towards another country as to reduce them to a cheap cariacture, you know?

Of course, some fans will try anyway, including this clever fellow:

Borat lookalike Jason West, 35, of Chatham, Kent, has promised to wear a mankini.  He said: “I’ll wear a coat on the tube but strip off at the ground.”

Brilliant!  No one will suspect the 35-year-old man with the bare legs and the trenchcoat in 65° F weather as being any kind of ne’er-do-well and/or pervert of the first order.  We salute you for drinking so early before the match that your already-limited logical capabilities have been cripped to the point that you believe this will succeed.   Now that’s patriotism.

Thankfully, we Americans would never indulge in oversimplifying a proud region or culture by making them appear to be dim-witted, ridiculously optimistic, and incapable of learning and growing.

Right. We’ll show ourselves out.