Brantley Proved Wrong By Reds’ Clutch Home Run

It’s always a great feeling to come through in clutch situations. It’s even better to hush up those who were just ragging on you moments before.

Jeff Brantley Edwin Encarnacion

During last night’s game between Cincinnati & Arizona, Reds color analyst Jeff Brantley began verbalizing his frustration with Edwin Encarnacion. Down 5-3 in the bottom of the 9th with two men on, Encarnacion had just whiffed on two straight bunt attempts. And Brantley began to berate the Reds’ slugger, suggesting he be removed from the batter’s box.

(Video after the jump.)

EAST WINDUP CHRONICLE transcribes the on-air debate between Brantley and play-by-play man Thom Brennaman:

(Video courtesy WITH LEATHER)

Tom: “See, that’s the problem when you ask a guy who’s never bunted…”

Jeff: “Take him out of the game! Take him out of the game.”

Thom: “Ok, but…

Jeff: “If he can’t bunt take him out of the game. Put somebody else in there.”

Thom: “Ok, but if you believe in the bunt in this situation…

Jeff: “You’re at home. You have to tie the game.”

Thom: “But that’s a by-the-book kind of thing. I don’t know if there’s anybody on that bench…that you’re going to bring in…

Jeff: “This guy is NOT a clutch hitter.”

Thom: “But his numbers are contrary to that…

Jeff: “He’s not. He’s not…not…not a clutch hitter.”

As soon as Brantley’s “clutch” comment left his lips, Encarnacion’s swing on a 2-2 pitch left the ballpark. Three-run homer. Reds win, 6-5.

As Edwin’s shot sailed out of left field, Brennaman loudly announced, “Is it clutch? Reds win! Reds win!” Afterwards, a buffooned Brantley could only admit to Thom, “I stand corrected, my friend,” later adding, “Boy, when I’m wrong, I love to be wrong like that.”

Maybe this is the start of a new tradition at Great American Ballpark. When the Reds are down late in the game, play the clip of Jeff complaining about Edwin’s lack of “clutch”. Victory is sure to follow.

The Angels have their Rally Monkey - the Reds can have Brantley as their Ranting Monkey.