Mother of Eddy Curry’s Son Discovered Murdered

There aren’t any words that can adequately describe the horror that befell the family of the mother of Eddy Curry’s 3-year-old son. Nova Henry, just 24 years old, was found shot to death with her infant daughter Ava on Saturday. Curry is not believed to be involved in the killings; Henry’s uncle told reporters that she had a restraining order out against a “stalker boyfriend”. Clearly–and sadly–that wasn’t enough to stop him.

Eddy Curry

The most disturbing aspect of the killings, however, might actually be the murder that didn’t happen. Curry’s son was found unharmed at the apartment, and NBC CHICAGO reports that the child saw the slayings.

There will be two progressions in the public discourse about this tragedy that are as unfortunate as they are inevitable. The first is to somehow connect this to the lawsuit filed against Curry earlier this year, alleging (among other things) gay sexual harassment. Aside from the fact that both issues somehow involve Eddy Curry, there’s no real connection, and it’s safe to say that anyone willing to bring it up really just wanted a convenient excuse to rehash a story about gay sexual harassment.

Then there’s the gun issue. It’s one of the most contentious matters of public opinion, and doubtless there will be many who’ll be all too ready to point out these killings as a call for either A) more guns or B) fewer guns. Using the dead bodies of two strangers to prop up your own argument on handguns, however, is a special kind of pathetic. There is no “if she had done this” or “if he couldn’t have done that.” Ifs are out the window now, because a young mother and her infant daughter are dead, and now all that’s left is seeking some small semblance of closure through justice. It’ll hardly be enough.