Eddie Vedder Poops On My Quaint Cubs Attraction

I’ve been a fan of Oasis for some time now, which usually brings with it plenty of well-deserved abuse from my friends, family and non-stuffed pets. I’m well aware the band was over about 10 years ago, much like Pearl Jam. Yeah, Eddie Vedder’s first 2-3 album offerings were worthwhile, but Pearl Jam hasn’t produced a good record since Tommy Lasorda said something interesting.

Eddie Vedder Cubs Fan

Perhaps in an effort to maintain relevancy (and hold off an impending tour of Indian Casinos), Vedder, who grew up in Chicago, has penned a song about the Cubs. BILLBOARD reports today that bootlegs of the tune are apparently circulating on the web.

The song, called “All The Way,” is also now being played by Chicago radio stations and sports bars. To no surprise, the band plans to soon start selling the song online, and as part of a souvenir CDs Of course, finding the song online for a free listen is a breeze, so no idea why anyone would lay down a shilling for it.

I’ve always privately pulled for the Cubs, mainly because their fan base had yet to be infected by the scourge of overbearing, in-your-face fans, and the requisite pseudo-celebrity bandwagoners. (Hello Red Sox!)

But this calculated move by Vedder to capitalized on the Cubs’ possible breakthrough season could be a sign that that the North Side squad may soon be on the road to insufferability.

Actually though, since it’s the same old, tired growl of Vedder, perhaps the song won’t catch on after. Hopefully.