Ecclestone Backtracks On Charming Hitler Quotes

Because he grew up in England and lived near London, at around the age of 14, when the Germans bombed certain neighborhoods there to smithereens, one would think Bernie Ecclestone have a firmer grasp on the role that Adolf Hitler played in world history. Apparently not. The World Jewish Congress has called for Ecclestone to resign as president and CEO of Formula One racing after comments in THE TIMES of London on Saturday, about how Hitler was led astray, and was “able to get things done.” This coming right before the German Grand Prix. Nice.

(Looking down on Bernie is easy — just as ex-wife Slavica Radić)

But now Ecclestone is saying that the whole thing was all a big misunderstanding. And he even — get this — pulled out the “some of my best friends are Jews” line. I’d be willing to bet that some of his other best friends are racist dipsh*ts.

Eccelstone was quoted in the German magazine BILD today saying that readers have got it all wrong.

“I did not put Hitler forward as a positive example, but simply noted that, before his appalling crimes, he acted successfully against unemployment and the economic crisis,” Ecclestone was quoted as saying in the Bild article, which noted that Hitler created jobs through rearmament.

Ecclestone said that it was never his intention to “hurt the feelings of a community,” the Bild reported. “Many of my closest friends are Jews.”

OK, apology accepted. Party at Max Mosley’s house!

The problem with billionaires is that they’re accustomed to saying exactly what they think, while sycophants and assorted yes-men nod approvingly and giggle at their jokes. But the old Third Reich has never been a comedy staple; invoking Hitler in just about any way will get you into trouble, no matter how rich you are. Please make a note of it.

Meanwhile, is this woman invading a Swedish soccer game giving the Nazi salute? What’s going on around here? I blame the HISTORY CHANNEL.