Eagles Gals Saving The World One Bikini At A Time

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have been such a great service to mankind, with their sideline dancing and lingerie calendars and such. And now, in addition to being providers of alluring entertainment, the Philly pom-pom girls are doing their part to save the environment.

Eagles cheerleaders in bikinis

WITH LEATHER sorts & separates the news that this year’s cheerleader bikini calendar is going to be eco-friendly - or as the Eagles prefer to put it, eco-sexy! (With more pics after the jump.)

Eagles cheerleaders in bikinis

The 38 bio-licious women on the squad will be wearing bikinis made of 95% organic cotton and recycled plastic soda bottles as well as jewelry and accessories made from bamboo and other recycled, upcycled and repurposed products such as CDs, computer chips, glass, cable wire, candy wrappers and watch parts.

Ouch, wouldn’t that hurt just a teeny bit? But wait - there’s more!

Eages Cheerleaders in bikinis

Additionally, the cheerleaders will be using cosmetics and hair supplies that are earth friendly and locations for the calendar shoot will include an ecological park and alternative energy elements. The 16 month calendar, which will be printed on post-consumer recycled paper, will feature educational information about the eco-sexy products and locations used for each cheerleader’s photograph.

The move is in tune with the team’s Go Green environmental program, an effort to run their franchise in a more ecologically sound way.

Eagles cheerleaders in green bikinis

If these are the results of going green, just call us Kermit.