Dwyane Wade’s Restaurant Business Washes Out

So much for Dwyane Wade’s venture into the restaurant business. The Heat hoopster’s two Miami area eateries have both closed their doors after very short stints of operation.

Dwyane Wade Sports Grill out of business


The MIAMI HERALD and PALM BEACH POST both serve up news that D. Wade’s Sports Grill has shuttered its Fort Lauderdale location after just a few months in business. Dwyane already had his other restaurant in Boca Raton close earlier this spring.

Where’s he gonna take Star Jones out to eat now?

Wade must be saddened to see the stores that he put so much effort into go belly-up. Or maybe not. According to the PBP, one restaurant business insider said that Dwayne was “rarely seen at either location“.

Does this mean a third D. Wade Grill won’t be opening up at North Miami Beach? And we shouldn’t expect a nationwide chain of D. Wade’s, either?

Guess Wade wasn’t meant to be a success in the restaurant biz, just like Vin Baker, George Brett and Jared Allen. Maybe Dwyane will have better luck buying more churches instead.