Dwight Howard Experiencing Magic of Fatherhood

Jason Kidd will have to share his cigars, as Dwight Howard can now consider himself a bona fide NBA star - by having a child out of wedlock:

Dwight Howard kissing rim

The ORLANDO SENTINEL delivers news of young Braylon, the spawn of the Orlando Magic star and a former Magic team dancer.

Royce Reed gave birth to the 7-pound, 6-ounce boy back on November 18. Even though the Sentinel made the birth announcement on Dec. 23, no father was listed.

And Dwight sounds so thrilled about the prospects of fatherhood: “I’m not going to deny it. Yes, I have a son. It’s just my personal life. Yes, I’m excited about it, but I’d like to keep my personal life personal.”

And how are the proud parents handling the situation between themselves?

Juanita Reed, Braylon’s grandma, speaks about the couple and how blessed they feel: “They are very good friends. How close they are, well, you’d have to talk to them. I’m just the grandma. It was not something that was planned. It was a beautiful surprise, though.”

Dwight Howard and son

According to his bio on his official website, Howard is a “devout Christian”, and admitted to once having a dream where the cross was added to the NBA logo. (Would this result in a crucified Jerry West?) So, maybe Braylon’s birth was by immaculate conception.

Could this mean NBA championships in the near future for Dwight? Look what bastard babies have done for Tom Brady.