Doug Gottlieb: Sean Sutton Fired By Okie State

ESPN analyst and former Oklahoma State basketball player Doug Gottlieb cites an anonymous source in reporting that, “(Oklahoma State basketball coach Sean Sutton, who kept the family name in place at Oklahoma State after succeeding his father as coach, will not return for a third season.”

Sean Sutton Pizza Delivery In His Future?

Gottlieb also notes Sutton will get paid for the final three years remaining on his 5-year contract with the school.

Talk about a bitter ending for the Suttons at O-State…

First Dad Eddie, who took the Cowboys to a Final Four and had his name painted on the Gallagher-Iba Gym floor, gets tossed off the job for pill-popping and too much early-afternoon Cutty. And now his (sweaty) son Sean is shown the door after a 39-29 record over just a couple seasons - and two first-round NIT defeats.

Well, there’s always Scott Sutton, the youngest son of Eddie. He’s currently the coach at Oral Roberts and recently led them to the Big Dance. Maybe he can use a couple assistants.