Collins Not Coming Back to Chicago; Suns Maybe?

It’s been quite a week for sports reversals. First, Bill Parcells & Tony Sparano both want Jason Taylor back with the Dolphins, after earlier shunning the Dancing Fool. And now, Doug Collins blows off his chance to come back to the Windy City.

Doug Collins Sports Illustrated Cover

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that the one-time Bulls coach will remain a one-timer, as Collins changed his mind about filling in the head coaching vacancy.

So, is Doug’s departure good news for the still-coachless Suns?

AZ SPORTS HUB discusses the possibility of Collins coming to Phoenix, where the local club still hasn’t hired a coach since Mike D’Antoni left for the Knicks. Suns GM Steve Kerr did speak with Collins earlier in the week, where he said he had “great conversations” with Doug over “different roles and different ideas.”

But for Collins, it was Chicago or bust. From the Trib:

“I’m not going to coach another team,” Collins said. “I spiritually felt I was led to this opportunity in Chicago. Four or five things happened along the way for me to get to this point. My family was incredibly supportive.

“For many reasons, it didn’t come to be. If I was ever going to do it again, I would’ve done it in Chicago with Pax (Bulls GM John Paxson) and (Bulls owner) Jerry (Reinsdorf). But I’m not going to go to another city and start all over again and make my family make new friends.”

So it seems that Doug is content to stay in the broadcast booth for TNT, where he’ll get to further enjoy the amusing antics of co-workers Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!