Don’t Even Think Of Making KevLuv’s Granny Cry

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has a feature exploring what appears to be a trend of worsening taunts by college basketball fans this season.

Kevin Love UCLA

As part of the piece, SI unleashes an unnerving story about some of the conditions the family of UCLA’s Kevin Love endured prior to and during the Jan. 23 contest at Oregon.

Stan Love knew it would be bad. But not this bad. Stan, who is Kevin’s father and the sixth-leading scorer in Oregon’s history, arrived at his alma mater that night in a party of seven including Karen, Kevin’s 13-year-old sister, his grandmother and his uncle Mike, a cofounder of the Beach Boys.

But good vibrations were in short supply. Stan says his family was pelted with popcorn cartons and empty cups, as well as a barrage of profane ­insults (”every filthy word you can think of”), including screams of “whores” that made Kevin’s grandmother cry.

“There were six-year-old kids with signs saying KEVIN LOVE SUCKS,” says Stan, who ­endured a hail of one-finger salutes to snap photographs of the worst signs. “It was the grossest display of humanity I’ve ever been involved with. To think I’m sitting at the school where I played ball, and just because my kid ­didn’t pick Oregon he gets abused like that? I’ll never go back there.”

Made his grandmama cry? Oh no you di’aann! No wonder he broke off a 26-point, 18-rebound bomb on yo’ moms.

Let that be a lesson, Ducks. Never get the grannies involved. Especially if it’s one of those rapping grannies. They can probably rhyme something devastating with “whore” in a battle rap.