Donald Trump Scolds Miami President For Hiring Randy Shannon And Ignoring Mike Leach

NEXT UP FOR LUBBOCK, TEXAS: TRUMP HOTEL AND CASINO? We must confess that we love watching Donald Trump (’s hair). Every time he opens his mouth, we laugh. Those late-night informercials for his new book are comedy gold. How smart was it to fly in surviving Jonestown residents to serve as audience members for the taping? The man is a comedic genius on the level of a Joe Rogan.

Donald Trump

Apparently University of Miami President Donna Shalala feels the same way. The PALM BEACH POST reports she laughed after receiving a recent letter from Trump.But in an ironic twist, we didn’t find the letter funny. Actually no one did, except Shalala.

Excerpt: “In a letter sent this week to UM President Donna Shalala, Trump refers to Texas Tech’s upset victory of No. 3 Oklahoma on Saturday and reminds Shalala that he strongly recommended that (Mike) Leach be given the Hurricanes’ job.”

Trump wrote in the letter, “You are my friend, but you should have listened to me. If you did, your team would be fighting for the National Championship.

Shalala’s response: “I got the letter and I laughed.”

Miami Football

Meanwhile, fans of the U. are crying.