Donald Sterling Buys Several Ads Selling Himself

LA WEEKLY has a rather lengthy, yet startling look into Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s claim that he’s building a $50 million homeless shelter, as announced by his various LOS ANGELES TIMES full page advertisements the last two years.

Donald Sterling's full page ad

Since the ads began, construction has not begun on the facility, nor have meetings with other homeless shelters ever gone anywhere. And a lot of folk are convinced the “project” only exists to help one person — Donald Sterling. Poor kid. I hope he can make it through another day with his billions of dollars.

One real estate developer who’s already doing work in the homeless-laden Skid Row said the Sterling Homeless Shelter project “smells like shit” and others are convinced it’s a “phantom project”.

It’s reminiscent of the seedy real estate mogul from the movie “Dirty Work,” who built an opera house whose proceeds would, according to his vague claims, benefit the homeless. “And you know how I feel about homeless. They’re human beings … and they have no homes.”

Other insane facts:

• In one proposal meeting with People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), Sterling said that the widely-touted $50 million used to build the shelter would have to be raised by PATH, not Sterling.

• One of the ads said the shelter would help the “91,000″ homeless people in Skid Row. And, yeah, missionaries who work in that area say they never see more than 4,000 homeless people a day.

• The Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation has not registered with the IRS or with the State of California to be officially recognized as a charity.

The six-”page” article is definitely worth an entire read, if for no other reason, to lose faith in humanity and wonder why more sports fans don’t focus on the business side of sports owners (it’s God-awful depressing).