Documents Debunk Tiger’s ‘It was all me’ Claim

Yesterday Tiger Woods confirmed to Tom Rinaldi of ESPN that he had more than one extramarital affair.

Rinaldi: You’ve said you’ve made transgressions. How would you, in your own words, describe the depth of your infidelity?
Woods: Well, just one is, is enough. And obviously that wasn’t the case.

Tiger Woods Bryon Bell Rachel Uchitel

During his Sunday interview with Kelly Tilghman of The Golf Channel, Woods denied that any of his “inner circle” knew of his now-admitted multiple affairs. An inner circle that undoubtedly includes his longtime friend and President of Tiger Woods Design Bryon Bell.

Tilghman: It’s been reported that members of your team, your inner circle were involved in your misdoings, is it true?

Woods: That is not true, it was all me. I’m the one who did it, I’m the one who acted the way I acted, no one knew what was going on. I’m sure if more people would have known in my inner circle they would’ve, they would’ve stopped it…or tried to put a stop to it but I kept it all to myself.

Woods denial that his “inner circle” knew of his extramarital affairs is contradicted by documents obtained by TMZ reported that emails and a travel itineraries attributed to Bell helped facilitate the golfer’s “rendezvous” with Rachel Uchitel in Australia.

TMZ has obtained the flight itinerary along with emails between Rachel and Bryon Bell — detailing how Bryon organized a trip for Rachel to fly last month from New York to L.A. to Australia to Dubai and back to L.A.

In the emails, Bryon wrote, “Here are the details for all the flights. Sorry for all the changes. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Bryon.” Rachel sent an email to someone afterward, forwarding the itinerary and saying, “My schedule so u have it in case the plane goes down.”

As we first reported, Bryon Bell, President of Tiger Woods Design, purchased the plane ticket for Rachel and flew with her to Australia, where Tiger was playing the Australian Masters. He also paid for Rachel’s room at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne — the same place Tiger was staying.

A NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporter confronted Uchitel in person at the Crown Towers Hotel and reported Uchitel taking an elevator to the same floor that Woods was staying.

National Enquirer executive editor Barry Levine has also since confirmed to Ben Houser of ESPN that Uchitel admitted to him personally that she traveled to Australia to meet Woods:

The story blew up in Australia where we caught the woman [Rachel Uchitel] going up to Woods’ hotel suite and visiting him there and that’s when we first went to her for comment.

When we finally confronted Rachel she denied going to Australia to meet Tiger Woods. She said she had met him once at a nightclub because she worked as a hostess, as an events planner at a nightclub and once or twice bumped into Tiger.

In fact she told me on the telephone a few days later that she had lied. She was obviously trying to conduct damage control so we knew we had caught her wrapped up in a series of lies about her relationship with Tiger Woods.

In the definitive account of events leading up to the Woods Thanksgiving accident, investigative reporter Gerald Posner reported on Jan. 24, 2010, in a piece titled, “Tiger’s Thanksgiving Mystery — Solved“:

On November 25, the day before Thanksgiving … Internet rumors spread of the about-to-be-released Enquirer story.

On Nov. 25, 2009, the day before Thanksgiving, I transcribed the text and uploaded the photos of the National Enquirer story about Woods and Uchitel onto SbB. (The Enquirer didn’t upload the story onto its own site until days later.)

One of the main tenets of Posner’s Daily Beast piece is that the Enquirer story emerging on the web is what helped lead to Woods’ Thanksgiving car accident. The same Enquirer story that reported Woods was having an extramarital affair with Uchitel.Meanwhile, Woods hasn’t denied his alleged extramarital affair with Uchitel, nor sexual trysts with adult film performer Joslyn James.

It was James who last week released text messages alleged to be from Woods. Those text messages appeared quite credible, containing private though verifiable information alleged to be from Woods. (The messages included the day and personal room number of a Woods hotel stay.)

Yesteday James confirmed to a New Zealand radio outlet that she plans to release more material documenting her relationship with Woods. TMZ reported last Friday of that future release:

We’re told Joslyn will release emails — on — that she received from Bryon Bell in 2007. One e-mail details an alleged meeting in Charlotte from April 27-May 2. Woods had a PGA event that began May 3 in Charlotte — he won.

The second alleged trip was in July 2007 to Washington D.C. For that trip Joslyn was in town during the actual PGA event — Tiger finished tied for sixth.

There’s also plenty of conjecture about if Woods agent Mark Steinberg knew of his client’s extramarital affairs.

Greg Stewart of Steinberg’s hometown PEORIA JOURNAL-STAR reported on Dec. 12, 2009:

Steinberg was with Woods last month in Australia, where his alleged affair with Mistress No. 1, Rachel Uchitel, was first reported. It is incomprehensible that a person who manages every aspect of Tiger’s public life had no knowledge of his now-disastrous private life.

The same Steinberg said of Woods to the MELBOURNE HERALD-SUN before the golfer’s fateful trip to Australia:

“In the years that I’ve worked with him, there’s been a dramatic change in Tiger the man.

“Obviously his family is the most important thing in his world and he is a fantastic father and husband because he works at that, too.

“Not that it’s a chore, he savours the time with his family whenever he gets that chance.”

That comment came on Nov. 7, 2009, just before Steinberg and Woods traveled from China to Australia. The same Australia trip that documents indicate, reportedly from Woods associate Bell, the golfer planned to meet up with Uchitel.