Docs: Richardson’s 2011 Yukon With ‘Large Rims’

A year after disassociated Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar added the below Facebook photo of Trent Richardson gassing up a large SUV, Richardson was pulled over for speeding in the city of Clanton, Alabama.

Chilton County (AL) public court records show the attending Alabama Highway Patrol Officer reported on August 28, 2011, that Richardson was driving a “GMC YUKON” with a “Vehicle year” of 2011. The law enforcement officer also noted as part of the “Details” section of the speeding ticket that Richardson “STATED HIS LARGE RIMS THROW SPEEDOMETER OFF.

Trent Richardson speeding ticket: 2011 GMC Yukon - large rims threw speedometer off

Richardson was also reported as the owner of the GMC Yukon in the same speeding ticket.

Considering the NCAA has access to Richardson’s bank records - like all student-athletes under the auspices of the intercollegiate governing body - it wouldn’t take long for the NCAA to find out exactly how the Alabama star running back acquired a vehicle with a current base sticker price of $38,945.

That’s without the “LARGE RIMS“.

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