Did A-Rod’s Ex-Wife Tell SI About Positive Test?

Alex Rodriguez went a little overboard the other day in his interview with Peter Gammons in trying to portray SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer Selena Roberts as some sort of obsessed stalker. But why? Roberts has vehemently denied almost all of A-Rod’s accusations. Could it be because Roberts was successful at getting closer to A-Rod than he wanted, without resorting to over-the-top antics?

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez dinner staredown

Somebody had to leak to Roberts that A-Rod failed a drug test in 2003. A-Rod claims that he didn’t know about the failed test until Roberts told him about it recently. But that doesn’t make any sense, since the MLB Players’ Association told everyone who failed  before they were re-tested in 2004. But the only people they told were the players themselves. So who else would have known about the test results? I don’t know, could it have been … A-Rod’s wife?

That’s what WAS WATCHING thinks. Here’s their rationale:

But, there’s another angle here. If Alex knew in 2004 that he failed in 2003, then you can bet credits to navy beans that Cynthia Rodriguez, his wife at the time, knew about it as well. Could you imagine a husband not sharing news like that with his wife?

And, this leads to today’s wild thought: Could it be possible that A-Rod’s ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, was the one who leaked this story to Selena Roberts? Well, she had the ammo and the motive, no?

Roberts supposedly had four independent sources for the information, but it’s certainly possible that the jilted ex-wife was the source that erased any doubt. It would be interesting to know when Roberts got her info. If it coincided with the time that A-Rod’s relationship with Madonna was in the tabloids, well, that would be pretty telling.

It begs another question, though: Why lie about not knowing about the positive test? If A-Rod is coming clean about his steroid use, why not just say “yeah, I knew about the failed test?” WAS WATCHING explains further why he had to know about it:

However, in April 2004, when the feds seized records of the 2003 PED tests, MLB and the MLBPA came to an agreement to postpone 2004 testing of those who failed the test in 2003 until the MLBPA was able to notify the players that they had tested positive.

Reportedly, between August and September 2004, MLB pressed the MLBPA to notify the players so that they could be tested (in 2004, as required by the policy) before the year was out. And, again, reportedly, by September 2004, all players had been informed that they had failed in 2003.

I still think it’s nice that A-Rod decided to meet this head on now instead of continuing to deny it or skirting the issue, but it doesn’t help your credibility when you lie about the details. Things like this are going to create doubt that his story that he only was a user in Texas is the whole truth.