Details Don’t Blog Down Comb-It-Forward Cuban

Mark Cuban is a sick, sad, likely lonely fellow these days. After he banned DALLAS MORNING NEWS blogger Tim MacMahon from the Mavericks locker room (and subsequently all bloggers) for criticizing the team, Cuban is no doubt now only friended by those on the dot com-bust beneficiary’s payroll.

Comb It Forward Cuban

MacMahon shouldn’t feel bad though, Cuban eschews everyone who doesn’t agree with him. That’s what happens to most entourage-impaired well-monied celebrities. Even the ones who have a comb-forward so complex that it would take a team of NASA scientists to work out the geometric properties of such a structural wonder.

Here’s Cuban’s response about banning bloggers from, of course, his blog:

What I didn’t like was that the Morning News was getting a competitive advantage simply because they were the Dallas Morning News. I am of the opinion that a blogger for one of the local newspapers is no better or worse than the blogger from the local high school. … I want to treat them all the same. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room to allow any and all bloggers in the locker room. There also are no standards that I have been able to come up with that differentiate between bloggers to the point where I should or should not credential one versus the other. … If I were to ask for media credentials as a blogger on this blog, I would expect to be treated exactly the same as any other blogger. No better or worse”

We love equating MacMahon and other professional bloggers to high school bloggers. That’s definitely a reasonable, rational way of approaching who should be credentialed.

What Cuban doesn’t mention is that high profile sports teams every day turn down main media outlets for credentials if that outlet is not appropriate for the event at hand. Sometimes those decisions are unfair, and they happen all the time.

So what’s the difference between differentiating between MSM outlet credentials and bloggers’ media passes? There isn’t any.

Table for one, Mr. Cuban?