Desperate NY Times Turns Tiger Saga Into Cartoon

The NEW YORK TIMES has a piece today on a Canadian doctor being investigated for illegalities having nothing to do with Tiger Woods.

Steve Kelly Tiger Woods Cartoon

(And there’s this from Steve Kelley @ NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE)

The story of that doctor’s legal plight has been out in the Canadian press for months now, well before Woods’ affairs leaked out. But since the same doctor once treated Woods for a knee injury with a documented legal procedure, the Times published a story dubiously linking the two today.

The Times does absolutely nothing to advance the story that would materially link the doctor’s current legal woes to Woods. And the report, manufactured to play catchup on a story the newspaper whiffed on, has led outlets like CBS to blare TIGER WOODS DID STEROIDS!!!

Wow, never thought I’d agree with Chris Berman.