Derek Jeter Checks Another Girl Off Maxim List

As we know, Derek Jeter has MAXIM-level taste in the opposite sex. (That or he has the most immaculate beard in recorded history. We’re going with the former.) Six of the MAXIM Hot 100 of 2008 have met Derek Jeter. And by “met”, we mean “been introduced to”. And by “been introduced to”, we mean “made acquaintances with”. You know what we mean. “Shook their hands.”

Minka Kelly Friday Night Lights

(Now serving number 54. Number… 54.)

PAGE SIX would like us to add one to the tally, as O Captain Yankees Captain has been spotted in a chic NYC hotel with Minka Kelly, one of the brighter filaments in “Friday Night Lights”. For those of you scoring at home (and we’re looking at you, Mr. Jeter), she’s #54 in your scorecard and #1 in your hearts.

Jeter’s working all 100 steps like he’s got an AA medallion under his jersey. Does he believe Pokémon will become his friend if he catches them all?

Tony Romo’s drowning in pixels because he dares date a celebrity, but Derek Jeter can treat the Maxim Hot 100 list like his own personal line of Kleenex™ brand Disposable Female Celebrities and have rose petals sprinkled in his path between the Yankee Stadium home dugout and the shortstop position. (No wonder he won’t move out there; he doesn’t want to disturb the petals.)

Certainly, it’s not like either have won a championship since the new millennium. That’s a long time to ride the Hot 100 list while riding his legacy simultaneously.

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo

So here’s a little love for Tony Romo: good for you, son. Best of luck with that. We wish you both happiness. And don’t worry if you ever hear that your lovely special friend has spent any time with Derek Jeter. That diluted bleach solution she uses to keep her hair and teeth bright certainly will kill most of the bad juju. (We kid, Jessica! We kid.)