Derek Fisher Urges You To Vote - For Obama

As election season heats up, all of the powerful celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to offer their assistance to one candidate or another. And it appears as if Barack Obama is finally breaking out the big guns. That’s right, Derek Fisher is on the campaign trail!

Derek Fisher

The Laker guard volunteered to help out the Obama camp, and instead of being sent to local events in Southern California, they dispatched him to where he’s needed most: the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. This was big news in Big Sky country. The last Laker to visit the reservation was the incomparable Kurt Rambis.

Travis Chapman of the GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE has the details:

Fisher visited Heart Butte High School and Browning High School to emphasize the importance of the Native American vote in this year’s election, along with promoting voter registration.

“The main message is getting voter registration numbers as high as possible,” said Fisher in a phone interview.

The other message was trying to get residents to vote for Obama. It’s a curious, and maybe perhaps noble, attempt to reach out in a state where Obama has otherwise given up on winning. But, I guess if you have extraneous NBA players just sitting around wanting to help out, you can send them to Guam if you want.

The excitement was palpable in the town of Browning:

“The kids are interested. They’re looking up his stats,” Falcon said, adding that Fisher’s appearance is an opportunity that the Heart Butte students normally do not get.

Browning Schools Athletic Director Book St. Goddard said there was a buzz in the schools Thursday, as there are some Los Angeles Lakers fanatics in Browning schools.

“Just to be able to stand next to a NBA player would be pretty exciting,” St. Goddard said, adding that former Lakers player Kurt Rambis hosted a summer camp in Browning about eight years ago.

What they don’t know is that Chuck Nevitt was supposed to show up too but his truck broke down just outside of Pocatello.

In other NBA election news, alleged stoner and Alaska native Mario Chalmers had this to say about his state’s fair governor (via the MIAMI HERALD):

Rookie point guard Mario Chalmers, an Alaska native, weighed in on Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin: “I really don’t know her that well personally. I just know a couple things about what she has done around Alaska. I don’t care for her too much.”

What? I thought everyone in Alaska knew each other. I guess I’m just going to have to ask Trajan Langdon what he thinks.